Funckin life



Hey you funckin asshole, you know my name?

My name is Openurhole. Like a pakistanese name... Do you know pakistanese people?

Do you think I'm from Pakistan?

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Obsessed, not anything else!! ok ????

I'm coming back because I'm obsessed

Not depressed, nor stressed, only obsessed of Mankind...

I love being alone thinking to Mankind... I'm comin home to kiss my mirror.

because when I see me in the mirror I'm seeing Mankind.

And Mankind is in love with me, I know it, I know it because I love Mankind.

My mind is its mind, its mind is bullshit as mine...

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The last, the lost...

I'm bored to be boring

I only need to talk to Mankind...

Hey Mankind... See you on monday, i'm waiting for your adds... I'm waiting for you... I'm waiting for dreaming of you again...

You know what: if I don't receive anything from you before monday, I'm gonna become blue...

I'm gonna become yellow, or... I'm gonna marry the devil... Eh Mankind, if you wanna marry me, say helloooooooo !

Say helloooooo

Pourriture de toi

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I need a big one

I need to smoke a big one.

I need drugs...

I need to smoke a big big one, bigger than my big fat fuckin sausage!

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Fuck Ayo

Down on my knees, I'm killing you

Down on my knees I'm fucking you

Down on my knees, please, please let me alone because I don't like when you're singing.

Ayo isn't Mankind... Ayo is a marvellous beautiful woman... That's why I don't like her that much...

I'm jealous!

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If I'm your honey... You're mine.

Susan, Susan, don't become a fat one...

Susan, Susan, don't become a fat one...

I hate people fat! I love thin Mankind... Mankind, Mankind... Susan...

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Have you seen the movie: Magnolia ??

Tom Cruise says something very interesting :


Very charming, thank you for that Tom, Thank you.

Eh Mankind !!!!!!  What do you think about it? huh??

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Please!!!! Answer


Please answer my last question... I need to know what do you have in your mind...

Are you thinking about me? You don't know anything about me!! you even don't know where I'm coming from !!

Do you think that's normal? Do you think I care! Vafanculo !

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I've a question for you

What do you think about this:

Where do you think I'm coming from?

I let you some clues and you have to guess which one is good:

Marrakech // Dublin // Paris // Singapore // Moscow //Dubai // Roma // Lagos



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Mozart is a shit

I hate Mozart

I hate Mozart

I hate Mozart

I hate Mozart

I hate Mozart

I hate Mozart and I hate Tamino, I hate Papageno, and I hate you

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